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The author or guest writers assume no responsibility for errors and
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assumes all responsibility as Insurance laws and regulations can change, or
the interpretation of said laws, regulations, terms and conditions of
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conditions and exclusions. You should take time to thoroughly examine your
insurance policies to become familiar with the terms and conditions and
exclusions. The reader assumes all risk in matters discussed within these

Pathway Insurance Services, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency
operating in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. In addition to
offering insurance products in the states indicated, we have established a
referral service for those former clients living within our marketing
territory who have moved to states in which we are not authorized to sell
insurance in addition to other consumers who wish to receive competitive
insurance quotes from other insurance companies nationwide. In conjunction
with other 3rd party marketing organizations Pathway Insurance Services,
Inc. provides a free matching service that may connect consumers with our
nationwide network of insurance agents and/or companies in states in which
we are not authorized to sell insurance. When you submit your quote request
via our site, a third party company immediately matches you to local and
national agents who can meet your insurance needs. Your information will be
forwarded to a third party agent network to ensure that you receive as many
competitive quotes as possible. Pathway Insurance Services, Inc. is paid a
fee for this service.

By submitting any quote request, you authorize Pathway Insurance
Services, Inc. to complete insurance quotes for you in the states in which
we are licensed to sell insurance or to forward your information by means
of a 3rd party marketing organization of which Pathway Insurance Services,
Inc. has a referral relationship with. With an insurance quote request,
insurance companies will determine pricing and eligibility based on various
reports that will be obtained including, but not limited to, motor vehicle
reports, accident reports, and a consumer report or credit score from a
consumer reporting agency. (also known as a credit bureau) Requesting a
quote through this online quote request system, or by telephone, or by
email, or by any means gives Pathway Insurance Services, Inc. permission
and any 3rd party marketing organization or agent or company recipient to
run the necessary reports to determine your insurance rates and eligibility
for coverage.

By requesting an insurance quote you understand you are extending an
express invitation for insurance agents to contact you by any means
provided on your quote request, including your phone numbers and email
addresses. If you choose to purchase a policy from a particular agent, any
further communications with that agent are not covered under these Terms of

Any third parties who perform services for us are required to safeguard
any customer information and may only use it in connection with performing
those services. Any breach of said security is the sole responsibility of
that third party company and Pathway Insurance Services Inc. is not
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